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What is the next step?


Book a free initial 15 minute telephone appointment

This is an opportunity to get a brief outline of the problems you are experiencing, the help you are seeking and whether booking an appointment to meet for a comprehensive assessment would be helpful. I will make recommendations for another type of treatment if I do not feel that I am best placed to help. I will also provide information about the process of therapy, including appointment times and fees. 



The assessment appointment

The first part of the process involves assessing your your current difficulties, what you want to change and the factors that contribute to these difficulties. The assessment itself will cover a range of areas to enable me to create a clearer understanding and formulation of your presenting difficulties and to tailor the appropriate intervention for you.  At the end of the assessment we will take time to discuss what goals you may have for therapy before agreeing how many initial sessions would be helpful to book in. I usually offer a block of therapy sessions which we will review and extend if appropriate and necessary. 

What does therapy involve?

Obviously everyone's history and presenting difficulties are unique and it is therefore important that treatment is tailored accordingly. Part of the process of therapy involves helping people to develop an understanding of what maintains and keeps their current difficulties going - often there are vicious cycles that people feel that they are trapped in.  I primarily focus on difficulties and making changes that affect people's lives in the here and now - however, it is sometimes important to make links with the past in order to understand why some patterns or beliefs have developed.  Part of the therapy process involves planning things that you will do or try out in between appointments. This is a really important part of the process of change. 

How long is an appointment?

Appointments are for 50 minutes. 

Where can I be seen?

I am currently only offering remote therapy appointments. 


Everything we talk about on the phone or in person is confidential.  Sometimes it is helpful to liaise with other people involved in your care and I will ask for your consent to share the agreed information in these circumstances. The only exceptions to this confidentiality is if there is any risk to you, your child, or anyone else.  In these circumstances, I am obliged to act accordingly, which might involve contacting your GP, local services, or next of kin.  Except in the most extreme cases I would discuss this with you first, and would not share information without your prior knowledge.

Cancellations and missed appointments

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, at least 48 hours’ notice is required.  Non-attended appointments will also be charged at the full price. 


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