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Weight management and eating issues

Many people struggle with their eating and their weight and this can feel psychologically challenging and overwhelming. Research shows that psychological factors (e.g. depression, past experiences of abuse or trauma) can affect a person's weight and their eating behaviour. However, the experience of struggling to manage eating and weight issues also creates psychological difficulties. For many people it can feel like they are trapped in the middle of a vicious cycle they can't break out of. Often people will swap from one diet to another diet and as these are usually unsustainable, they leave people feeling that they have failed. 


 The psychological approach I use helps people to understand and change their relationship with food and their weight. It involves identifying the thought and behaviour patterns that may perpetuate their difficulties and helps them to find exit routes from the vicious cycles.  The type of issues that I help people with include: 

  • emotional eating patterns

  • difficult relationship with food 

  • understanding past experiences (including abuse) that may affect eating and weight

  • breaking free from yo yo dieting & dieting mindset

  • binge eating

  • bulimia 

  • body image issues

  • low self-esteem and self-critical thinking

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