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Training, supervision and consultancy 


I am experienced at providing clinical supervision for psychologists (from trainee clinical psychologists to senior psychologists) working in a range of settings - for example, bariatric surgery, weight management and other areas of clinical health psychology (e.g. HIV/sexual health, respiratory, oncology, diabetes). I also provide clinical supervision for other health professionals e.g. dietitians. 

Teaching & specialist training 

I have been involved in training clinical psychologists and have provided CBT supervision for the UCL Clinical Psychology Doctorate. I have provided and supervised clinical placements for many trainee psychologists. 


I have provided training for other professionals, particularly dietitians working in weight management and bariatric surgery. I provide one-day workshops for dietitians focused on managing emotional eating. More information about these workshops is provided here

I am happy to design bespoke training workshops to meet your needs. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this. 

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